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Youngstown - Redux (10 игроков)
Youngstown with some twists!
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Поиск игр:

Параметры варианта (Версия карты: I / Версия кода: 1.0.10):




A Moscow

A Omsk

A Warsaw

F Sevastopol

F St. Petersburg (sc)

F Vladivostok


A Peking

A Guangzhou

A Wuhan

F Shanghai


A Kyoto

F Tokyo

F Osaka

F Sapporo


A Delhi

A Calcutta

F Bombay

F Madras


A Constantinople

A Bagdad

A Mecca

F Ankara


A Paris

A Marseilles

F Brest

F Saigon


F London

F Liverpool

F Edinburgh

F Aden

F Singapore


A Rome

A Milan

F Naples

F Mogadishu


A Berlin

A Munich

A Cologne

F Tsingtao

F Kiel


A Vienna

A Budapest

A Trieste

F Sarajevo

While there are 81 SCs only 28 SCs (81(1/3)+1) are needed to win encouraging more solos and less draws.

This is Youngstown Redux it has a few changes made to it

-The Asian Powers have 4 SCs at start too now

-Germany starts with 5 SCs a fleet representing the East Asiatic Squadron based in Tsingtao

-Britain starts with a fleet and SC in Aden

-No African off boxes

-General map changes, Himalayas gone

The Off boxes allows for world round movement, once in a box. A fleet can move into a corresponding Off box so a fleet in the Mid Atlantic Ocean can move into Box B for example can move into Boxes, A C, and E.